The Rules of Pinterest while Planning a Wedding

The Rules of Pinterest while Planning a Wedding

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Posted in Weddings on July 22, 2013

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The Pinterest world has surely been a whirlwind since it launched in 2010. It has developed into the go-to place when looking for a new recipe, the latest fashion trend and the most popular; planning a wedding! As a planner, I absolutely love using Pinterest to break out styles, colors & inspiration. Every day I discover something new. However, too much of a good thing isn’t always ideal when planning one of the most stressful days of your life. Below you’ll find a few helpful guidelines to help you use Pinterest in the best way possible. 

1. Which comes first the wedding Pinterest board or the engagement ring? Either way you won’t get judgment from me! When you first get engaged and before you choose your venue, I give you permission to go absolutely crazy on Pinterest. Pin-Pin-Pin! Anything and everything that catches your eye and inspires you should be pinned. This is the time to keep an open mind and run wild!


2. Before you choose a wedding venue go through your board and make a separate board that is just for ceremony & reception inspiration. You can make these sub boards secret so your followers don’t think you’ve lost your mind. After all these pins are separate, take a close look at them. What are the common trends? What do you keep seeing? Is it tons of whimsical outdoor pictures or a beautiful black and white floor in a ballroom? Use this board as your guide when you start the venue search.


3. After your perfect venue is chosen, go back to your big wedding board and start to separate it out more. Break it into flowers, dresses, cakes, hair, invitations, ect. Use these boards as you move forward with securing all of your vendors.

4. The most important part of using Pinterest is being realistic about your budget. The left picture below has been a popular trend on Pinterest these days. To accomplish something similar to this is hundreds of dollars. With most budgets, it would make more sense to put this money elsewhere. A great compromise could be something similar to the right picture below. It’s pretty and achieves the same affect as the first one but helps significantly with your budget.


5. An average bride spends a year planning her wedding and within that year your vision will shift a few times so make sure to take the time to clean your Pinterest board and delete the photo’s that aren’t relevant anymore; especially when sharing your boards with potential vendors. You want them only looking at the most up to date version of your vision.

6. After all the big ticket items are checked off the list (florist, dress, invitations, transportation) now it’s time to have some fun. Go back to the décor photo’s; card box, escort cards, table numbers ect. This is the time where you can really get creative and add a few DIY touches. Grab a pizza, some wine, your bridesmaids & get creative!


7. Ok I promise I’m almost done because these are my last word of advice. After every piece of your wedding is decided on, paid for and in a cardboard box labeled at your house, stop going on Pinterest! Just don’t do it! Not even for that spinach dip recipe. All Pinterest is going to do now is make you second guess all the decisions you’ve made over the past year so cut if off cold turkey for a few weeks.

8. All you need to be doing in the weeks up to your wedding is feeling happy, content, excited about all your decisions and of course the wonderful person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with!

Happy Pinning & Happy Planning!

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