September Book & DIY Project

September Book & DIY Project

By Something Social (303 words)
Posted in DIY Projects on September 30, 2013

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Hey Folks,

Book & DIY time!

This month's book was a tough one. I was on a mystery kick lately because my boyfriend and I got into the show, The Killing which was unbelievably addicting. However, I learned maybe me and mystery books are not a match made in heaven. The books name was, Every Contact Leaves a Trace by Elanor Dymott. Centered around sex, love and betrayal, it was definitely an interesting story however a bit confusing at times. To be fair, I am easily confused :)

Favorite line: "There is a point, in loving where want becomes need. Where to have possessed that which one desires is no longer enough, and when one realizes that one will never have one's fill of this person, however much one is given."

As for DIY, I assisted with my bride's guest book & am excited about how well it came out!

Her inspiration was based on this. The main reason I decided not to go with wine bottles was because of the fact that after the wedding it would be difficult to get the wishes out. I didn't want Meghan & Dan to have to start smashing bottles on their anniversaries!

As I was wandering around ikea an idea hit me and here's what I bought.

  • 4 purple vases
  • 1 picture frame
  • 1 tray

Other things I needed that I had at home

  • Chalk board stickers
  • Chalk board marker
  • Chalk board contact paper
  • Paper & Marker

Step 1: Choose the years that you'd like to open the wishes on, (I chose, 1, 5, 10, 20) & write them on the stickers

Step 2: Write a message on the contact paper and stick it inside the picture frame


Step 3: Cut up the paper (make sure they fit all the way in the vase without getting stuck)

Step 4: Done :) So simple and sweet!


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