July's Book & DIY Project

July's Book & DIY Project

By Something Social (460 words)
Posted in DIY Projects on July 31, 2013

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Hellooo All,

July has certainly been a busy month for us. 2 weddings & a 30th birthday. Yes it's true I'm officially old!

This was also a huge month of reading! I finished four books! The Beach Club, The Botox Diaries, The Smart One & Night Road. Thank you Summit library! You're a gem!

I'm going to focus on The Smart One. This was the first book I read by Jennifer Close and her second book. Her first book was Girls in White Dresses.

The Smart One tells a story from 4 women's points of view throughout about a year of their lives. The characters are two sisters, their mother & their brother's girlfriend. I was blown away by Jennifer's writing style. Nothing particularly life shattering happened in this book but the attention to detail and vividness that she tells her story and shapes her characters are amazing.

First there's Claire, exactly my age, finding herself in serious debt, a called off engagement and moving back in with her parents. Then there's Martha, thirty one,in a dead end job and unsure of which direction she wants to go with her life. Next up is their mother Weezy. She's clearly the glue holding this family together and I loved learning about her past and why she raised her children the way she did. Lastly is Cleo. She's a senior in college and dating Claire & Martha's brother. It's a bumpy road for her figuring out what love and family truly means. I related to every character at some point in this book and with any good book, was sad when it was over. I'm certainly looking forward to her next book!

As for my DIY, I made a little something to help decorate the apartment. This is a slow process. Maybe by the time we move out it will be completely done :)

What did I make? Do Something Amazing Everyday Wall Decor

What did I use to make it?

  • Canvas (any size you wish)
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Stencils
  • 3D Fabric Paint
  • Paper flower (if you'd like)

Step 1: Paint your canvas any color you'd like

Step 2: Use the stencils and plan out exactly how the words will space evenly on the canvas


Step 3: Start the stenciling process. Warning this could be very tedious because you need to wait for one letter to dry before moving on to the next


Step 4: Depending on the shades of paint you decide to use, you might want to outline the letters. I used 3D Fabric paint or as my sorority sisters and I used to call it "puffy paint"

Step 5: Glue on your flower or any other decor you'd like to add and find a spot in your house to hang it!

Step 6: Go out and do something amazing everyday!



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