Granny's Simple Pleasures

Granny's Simple Pleasures

By Something Social (621 words)
Posted in Life on May 21, 2013

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As many of you know, the Stephen's family lost a beloved member of our family last month. Evelyn Stephens was not our Grandmother, she was our Granny. As our family sorted through memories, photographs and heartache, I wanted to share with you the simple pleasures that made Granny so happy each day.

The first is cinnamon sugar toast. For any of the grandchildren that used to have sleepovers with Granny, they were familiar with this. We used to sit and wait impatiently while she put the bread in the toaster, spread it with butter and put a generous amount of her special cinnamon sugar recipe on the toast. I remember her having to make 4 pieces for me and 2 for her so she could enjoy hers without me asking for seconds.

The second is fried green tomatoes. As a child I used to be fascinated by the row of VHS tapes that lined Granny's study. One day I pulled out the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. As we watched, she told me that someday I should try eating them because they were delicious. I of course made gagging noises and vowed never to eat them. Fast forward 20 years as Granny and I would sit down for lunch to a big plate of fried green tomatoes. And she was right. They were indeed delicious.

The third is blue hydrangeas. Granny had several hydrangea bushes right outside her house and looking at those beautiful flowers will always make me think of her and smile.


The fourth is a recliner. For as long as I can remember Granny has always had a recliner that she sat in every day. She'd kick back with a book and watch the world go by.


The fifth is hand written letters and cards. There is nothing Granny loved more than writing and receiving mail from a family member or friend. She'd keep a watchful eye on the front porch until she saw the mail man arrive with these daily delights.

The sixth is swimming but in particular floating. Whether it be in a pool or the ocean Granny was the best floater I knew. She could float perfectly for hours while the rest of us struggled to stay afloat for just a few minutes.

Number seven is books. Granny absolutely loved to read. She had so many books that she could have run a library. And in a way she did. She knew where all of her books were at any given time.

I only need six words for number eight. Margarita on the rocks with salt.


The ninth is photo albums. If it weren't for Granny's love of capturing the moments in her family's lives and spending the time to put together all her photo albums's none of us would be able to appreciate the many memories of our past.


The tenth and final is what all of us need. Love. It's the greatest of all things and Granny had an abundance of it for all 96 years of her life. She grew up in a loving home and provided a loving home for her family. Granny's house has always been filled with love and laughter and she welcomed everyone that came through the door with open arms and an open heart.

I hope that all of us can be so lucky as Granny to have lived such a full life and be surrounded by so much love. We'll remember the good times, take time to smell the flowers, float in the pool, sip a margarita and know that Granny will be waiting for us once again with open arms.


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