California Wedding Venues

California Wedding Venues

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Posted in Weddings on November 11, 2013

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Hello & Happy November!

Last week I checked off a bucket list item and took a weeklong road tip through California! One of the curses of being a Wedding planner is every time you see a new place, one of the things that always runs through your head is, "I wonder if you can do a Wedding here?" So here's a list of neat places I stumbled upon along my travels!

I started my trip flying into San Francisco and heading to Monterey. Hands down, Monterey was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. While driving through town I heard music and the sound of laughter, I looked to my left and I saw the quaint Perry House.

City: Monterey, CA

Special Fact: The Perry House is minutes away from the 17 mile drive which is spectacular drive that everyone is sure to enjoy.


After leaving Monterey, I headed down the Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) and headed to Morro Bay. In between the two is Big Sur and the breathtaking Ventana Inn & Spa.

City: Big Sur, CA

Special Fact: This venue is located right on Rote 1. Your guests will drive one of the most beautiful highways in the US to get there!


After I finished the scenic drive I headed down to Santa Monica but on the way drove through Montecito and the beautiful Butterfly Lane Estate!

City: Montecito, CA

Special Fact: This venue is located right by Butterfly Beach, which is one of the top beaches in California!


I made sure I left time to take a trip into Ojai before spending a few days in the Santa Ynez wine region. I watched all the seasons of Brothers and Sisters so always had a fascination with Ojai. While I was there I found the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

City: Ojai, CA

Special Fact: This venue has EVERYTHING! Your guests will never have to leave! If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, to lay by the pool and maybe take in a yoga class. This venue is for you!


While in the Santa Ynez wine region I did a 5 winery wine tasting. Lucky for you this venue was my first stop so I remember everything about it! Introducing Firestone Vineyards!

City: Los Olivos

Special Fact: This winery is the first of a wonderful wine trail. This could be a fun thing to plan for your guests before or after the wedding!



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