A Year of Happy - Spending Money & Saving Money

A Year of Happy - Spending Money & Saving Money

By Something Social (274 words)
Posted in Life on July 30, 2014

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Money affects everyone’s lives in different ways. Some people have a lot of it, some people work hard for it and others don’t give much thought to it. But one thing’s certain; the world can’t go round without it.

This month I tried to understand and make some changes in my relationship with money. Below you’ll find three things I focused on:

Buy Needful things: I’m the kind of person that never thinks to buy things like shampoo & conditioner in advance. Oh no, I wait until I’m showering and realize the bottle’s empty. Simple things like this do tend to add unneeded stress to your life. So this month I made a complete list of everything I use from day to day. Next I bought a double of everything. The feeling of this small security is surprisingly wonderful.

Splurge: Life is too short to spend all your days worrying about money. The key to a splurge is to buy something you really need. For me that was Lasik surgery.  This is something I’ve needed for a LONG time and quite literally is going to change my life. So to me, any amount of money is worth this kind of clarity.

Track your spending: Knowing where you spend your money is the only way to change your spending habits. For the month of July I made a sweet excel spreadsheet and tracked every item I bought. This helped me make a few modifications, seeing on paper that I was spending $50 a week at Starbucks made me switch to making my coffee at home. :)

July was probably my most productive happiness month! 7 months in and feeling great!


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