A Year of Happy-Passion & Design

A Year of Happy-Passion & Design

By Something Social (405 words)
Posted in Life on September 01, 2014

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Hello Friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are ready to tackle the fall! I personally have mixed feelings, as I never feel the summer is long enough. I could use a few more days of 80-degree weather :)

For the month of August I focused on passion. I did some soul searching to figure out what I really felt passionate about. What I discovered was Wedding design. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the coordination aspect of the planning but what really challenges me is design.

I brainstormed various tools that I could use to help with growing the design side of the business. I took a class last year with Amazae Events and it was very helpful but after the course I never implemented any of those ideas into my packages. I think it’s about time I do!

  1. Color Tools: I searched for a way to show all possible color combinations on one sheet and I found the perfect thing. A nice one-page color sheet that I’ll now be adding to my design packet. I also bought a color wheel that can be used during a design session.

  2. Detail Flipbooks: I’m putting together (5) flipbooks to be used at a design session to help narrow down the couple’s taste. As of now I have (20) different options for cakes, centerpieces/table decor, wedding gowns, details & bridal bouquets.

  3. Design Magazines: I l wanted to expand my mind from Wedding design to all design. I started subscriptions for Home & Design Magazine, HGTV Magazine & I had to throw in ONE Wedding Magazine but I did it for Pacific Weddings. Incorporating California inspiration to a New Jersey Wedding can be fun!

  4. Flowers in Season: I’m putting together a sheet describing which flowers are in season when and what colors those flowers come in. This information may sway a couple to booking a venue in a different month so they can have a particular flower at their wedding. AKA booking a May Wedding so they can use peonies!

  5. Something Borrowed: This collection has been something I’ve been working on for a long time but I’m almost completely finished and this information will be included in my design packet.

  6. Invitation Sample Books: I’ve collected many invitation samples over the years and I’ve placed them all in one binder so the couples can browse through different styles and paper types.

This was definitely one of my favorite happiness months :)

See ya’ll in September!


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