A Year of Happy-Relaxation & Organization

A Year of Happy-Relaxation & Organization

By Something Social (677 words)
Posted in Life on February 01, 2014

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Hi Friends,

This year instead of reading a book each month and sharing it with you I’m going to read one book throughout the whole year. The book I’m using as a guide is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen tracks a year of her life focusing on a few specific things each month in the hopes to make a big difference to her overall happiness.

To quote Gretchen, “People are more likely to make progress on goals that are broken into concrete, measurable actions with some kind of structured accountability and positive reinforcement.”

For January, I focused on some of the same things that Gretchen did. Relaxation & Organization, 2 of my favorite things!


As much as I love sleeping, I seem to never get enough or wake up multiple times throughout the night. There are a few things I tried to change in order to help my sleeping habits and I must say, I have seen a difference.

  • No lights: Gretchen recommends keeping as few lights on as possible in the room. This is inclusive of all various electronics. A while back I started leaving my cell phone in the living room before I went to bed so I wouldn’t always have that constant distraction. On top of that I started turning the alarm clock away from the bed. This has helped with all the constant wake ups during the night. Mentally it takes that extra effort to turn the clock around that it’s easier to just fall back asleep. Win!
  • Aromatherapy: Clearly this is a blog for women but this month I did one of two things:  sprayed lavender room spray before bed or lit a candle while watching TV before bed. There really is something to the whole thing. Try it.


Cleaning, Organizing and throwing things out are probably some of my favorite things. All of these things I find very therapeutic. I focused on a few specific things in January.

  • Plan Ahead: Almost every morning for as long as I can remember I’ve been late. For what you ask? Everything. On top of just not being able to get up in the morning I was always in more of a rush because I never knew what I was wearing. This month I tried to pick out what I was wearing ahead of time. If you’re anything like me in the mornings, trust me this makes a difference.
  • Tackle a nagging task: You know those things that you know you need to do but just keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list? Well do one of them! It will make you feel like you can accomplish anything. Since June, when Chris and I moved in together we knew we needed a bigger TV stand. It always just kept getting pushed off and finally we did it! We bought a new one and the change it has made in our apartment is incredible. Every time I look it I smile because I’m just so happy it’s finally done.

In the beginning of the year, Gretchen set out affirmations for her to try and keep in mind throughout the year. I’ve done a few of my own :)

  • Let it go: (If anyone knows me well, they know I cannot let anything go. It’s an actual problem. I dwell on things for far too long and can’t just bounce back. 2014 is going to be my year to let things go!)
  • Enjoy the process: (It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of every day life and not take a moment to appreciate all the little things.)
  • Do it with a smile: (Everything you do, even if you hate it, smile.)
  • Embrace Creativity: (Attempt to cook the complex recipes you find on pinterst, try that bold red lipstick you think you can’t pull off, look at everything with a creative eye.)
  • Not everyone’s opinion is your own: (Don’t immediately disregard/dismiss the feelings and actions of others because you feel you wouldn’t do it the same way.)

So after the first month, I’m feeling positive and can’t wait to see what else this book has to offer.

Stay warm!


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