A Year of Happy-Having Fun & Making Memories

A Year of Happy-Having Fun & Making Memories

By Something Social (340 words)
Posted in Life on May 31, 2014

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For the month of May I chose to focus on getting serious about having fun! Have you ever thought about what you really find to be fun? In the beginning of the month I really had to think hard about what that meant for me. Fortunately I’m lucky that I truly enjoy everything about Weddings, so I opted to focus on some personal things that create happiness. Here’s what I came up with:

Get Creative: Being creative is a main source of fun for me, as you probably remember from my year of DIY projects in 2013. I had the perfect opportunity to really get the creative juices flowing while planning my sister Jill’s baby shower. We made all our own centerpieces, table runners, bow tie napkins, favors, invitations and alphabet blocks. When the big day came and we saw how excited and happy Jill was with everything we’d done for her, it was all completely worth it.

Making time for family & friends: Sometimes with such a busy schedule it’s hard to make time for all the people you want to see.  This month even when I was beyond exhausted I made a conscious effort to go out to dinner with my friends, catch a Mets game, make an extra trip to see my parents & go to the movies. Spending time with the people you love is worth more than an extra hour of sleep.

Keeping Track of Happy Times: In simple terms, I wanted to start taking more pictures to have a record of my happy memories. To take things a step further, my friend Shannon and I decided to try 100happydays. This is the theory that if you record one thing that brings happiness to your life for 100 straight days it will make you happier. So far I have a lovely picture collection of my nephew Luke going. The daily reminder to take a happy picture is something I’m really enjoying so far.

After a very productive May, I’m looking forward to what June has in store.


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