A Year of Happy-Growth & Change

A Year of Happy-Growth & Change

By Something Social (349 words)
Posted in Life on April 30, 2014

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Hello All,

Gretchen’s month of April was focused on parenthood and since I don’t have any kids, (my kitties don’t count) I focused on growing myself both professionally and personally.

I focused mostly on trying new things and thinking of ways to improve what I was already doing. There is always fear in trying something new but the happiness and accomplishment you feel afterwards is worth it.

Professionally: I spent time thinking of ways to improve Something Social, here are a few things I’ve started working on..

  • I’ve completely revised my packages to only offering one specialized package instead of three options. I put a lot of thought into the package description and updating my website to reflect the changes
  • I’ve started looking into taking calligraphy classes to add an added service to my clients
  • I’ve had something in the works for over a year and am finally taking steps to complete it. My “something borrowed” collection will be an assortment of items my clients can choose from to complement their wedding day. A few examples, card boxes, milk glass vases, cake stands, ect

Personally: I’ve always considered my life to be a work in progress. Never quite finished but always pleased with the progress I’ve made. This month I pushed the envelope a little further than normal and was happy with the results..

  • While planning my sister’s baby shower, I decided that I really wanted matching envelope liners for the invitation. Instead of searching etsy for a vendor I made them myself! See this blog for details!
  • I tried to cook something I’ve never made before! Soup! So simple but one of my favorite meals! The results were questionable but it won’t’ stop me from trying it again!
  • I had been feeling a bit stuck in a rut so I did some re-decorating! On the last Sunday in April I dropped (not a little bit) of money at Homegoods and redecorated and re-arranged a good portion of my apartment. If you want to change your mind, start with your environment!

So after a very productive month of April I’m ready to see what May has in store!


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