Blog Entries for July 1, 2014

June DIY Centerpieces

By Something Social, Posted in DIY Projects

Hiya folks!I'm going out on a limb and saying that these June centerpieces are my favorite so far! Probably because of the gold and lace :)Items I used:Tall cylinder vases (1-3 in varying sizes)Gold removable tape (I found this at Michaels! I love it!)LaceSmall tea light candle holder & candle (I used gold mercury glass)FlowersTable Number:This is also my favorite table number! I folded a kraft 4 x 6 card in half and covered it with lace. Than I put on gold shimmery letter stickers from paper source (wh... read more.

A Year of Happy-Friendship & Thoughtfulness

By Something Social, Posted in Life

Hello Friends! (ironically the theme of the month!)I touched a bit on Friendships last month but this month I focused a lot of time and energy into maintaining and strengthening my friendships. Below are a few things I focused on:Remember Birthdays:For the past 10 years my group of Friends has remained fairly consistent. I always knew when I could plan on seeing my various groups of friends based on the way everyone’s birthday’s fell. The year kicks off in February and goes straight through to D... read more.