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June DIY Centerpieces

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Hiya folks!I'm going out on a limb and saying that these June centerpieces are my favorite so far! Probably because of the gold and lace :)Items I used:Tall cylinder vases (1-3 in varying sizes)Gold removable tape (I found this at Michaels! I love it!)LaceSmall tea light candle holder & candle (I used gold mercury glass)FlowersTable Number:This is also my favorite table number! I folded a kraft 4 x 6 card in half and covered it with lace. Than I put on gold shimmery letter stickers from paper source (wh... read more.

A Year of Happy-Friendship & Thoughtfulness

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Hello Friends! (ironically the theme of the month!)I touched a bit on Friendships last month but this month I focused a lot of time and energy into maintaining and strengthening my friendships. Below are a few things I focused on:Remember Birthdays:For the past 10 years my group of Friends has remained fairly consistent. I always knew when I could plan on seeing my various groups of friends based on the way everyone’s birthday’s fell. The year kicks off in February and goes straight through to D... read more.

A Year of Happy-Having Fun & Making Memories

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For the month of May I chose to focus on getting serious about having fun! Have you ever thought about what you really find to be fun? In the beginning of the month I really had to think hard about what that meant for me. Fortunately I’m lucky that I truly enjoy everything about Weddings, so I opted to focus on some personal things that create happiness. Here’s what I came up with:Get Creative: Being creative is a main source of fun for me, as you probably remember from my year of DIY projects i... read more.

May DIY Centerpieces

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Hiya Friends! The warm weather has officially arrived and I could not be more excited! What screams nice weather more than a mason jar? Frankly I can't believe I've made it until May without using them!At this point you know I like to use a few smaller floral arrangements rather than one large one, and this month is no different. I chose some beautiful spray roses and classic blue mason jars to set the stage for a simple blue and pink palate. I'm also loving the lacey pink ribbon to finish them off!Instead... read more.

A Year of Happy-Growth & Change

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Hello All,Gretchen’s month of April was focused on parenthood and since I don’t have any kids, (my kitties don’t count) I focused on growing myself both professionally and personally.I focused mostly on trying new things and thinking of ways to improve what I was already doing. There is always fear in trying something new but the happiness and accomplishment you feel afterwards is worth it.Professionally: I spent time thinking of ways to improve Something Social, here are a few things I&rs... read more.

April DIY Centerpieces

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Hello Centerpiece Lovers,For this months’ centerpieces I really wanted to incorporate a fun charger I bought at Ikea but wasn’t sure the best way. Based on the charger I knew I wanted pink flowers of course but which vases to use, or if it should be bud vases or one large vase was the ultimate question.What I ended up with was a white runner with silver flowers (Homegoods), 4 milk glass vases, (these are soon to be part of my something borrowed collection) and 2 tall candles. The perfect mi... read more.

DIY-Envelope Liners

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Happy Hump Day!Last week I became obsessed with wanting to make envelope liners for my sisters baby shower. And when I become obsessed with something there is no stopping me. I won't sleep or eat until I figure out how to accomplish it :)After hours of searching the internet (and let's be honest, being distracted by pinterest) I came across this super neat Envelope Liner Template Kit from Paper Source. So my obvious next step was to run down the street and purchase one of these gems along with envelope... read more.

Arizona Wedding Venues

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Happy Friday Wedding Lovers,I had a wonderful trip to Arizona last week and in Jan fashion, I thought about Weddings the whole time! Below please find my top Wedding locations in the Scottsdale area. If anyone is interested in a destination Arizona Wedding, I’m your girl!Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens - Phoenix, AZWas anyone a fan of the Secret Garden growing up? If so, this might be the spot for you. This unique little paradise full of twinkly lights is a five acre gem in the heart of Phoenix.Dance... read more.

March DIY Centerpieces

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 Hello Friends,March was a tough month (weather wise), so I wanted to bring in some summer vibes to my March centerpiece.This one was not as budget friendly as my January blog but was fun to brainstorm and the candles smelled like the ocean so I was in the happy place the whole time.Items I used: (Mostly from Pier 1)Table Runner (Fun patterns are always a solid choice)Old Books spray painted goldCandle Holders/Blue CandlesMini candle holder with blue sea glass insideTable Number & Paper flower... read more.

A Year of Happy-Eating Healthy & Being Active

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Hello All,This month I strayed from Gretchen’s March month to “Aim Higher” and focused mostly on my personal health. In January I focused on recharging my batteries, February I focused on adding a bit more love and this month I focused on adding more healthy aspects into my life.For everyone that knows me I love food that’s not healthy or good in any way for you. My daily diets consist of pizza, cheese fries, penne and vodka, caramel latte’s, wine and my favorite, Chinese food.... read more.